Edinburgh 2010 delegates chatting
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Online Conference

Edinburgh 2010: The time has finally arrived! The volcano has stayed quiet thus far… And so our delegates have been successfully arriving to Edinburgh from around the world, reuniting with old friends and making new friends, and taking care of logistical details in advance of the official Welcome & Orientation session this evening.

We invite you once again to share in this journey, which has arrived to a significant milestone here in Edinburgh but is not coming to an end. The conversations will continue long into the future as delegates return to their homes and apply what they have shared and learned to each of their unique contexts.

But for now, you can be with us both in spirit and online as the four days of Edinburgh 2010’s study, reflection, prayer, and renewal take place.

Report of the online conference,  '@Edinburgh2010: Online Ecumenism in an Age of Participation' by Aaron T. Hollander. Short version available for download here. Longer version here

1) Pray with us

So many people around the world have looked to 2010 as a year of renewal of the life of the global Church and growth in our inter-denominational and interfaith relations. Join in the prayers that are shared, and please send us your own prayers by posting them or by sharing them on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

2) Follow along with social media

You will be able to join the conversation in real time, as relevant statements from delegates and exciting developments from working groups are shared on our Twitter feed and website. You are invited to follow this live stream of reporting by following @edinburgh2010 on Twitter, or by visiting the Study Process pages of our website, where the updates will be collected and filtered by Theme. Live reporting begins tomorrow (Thursday 3 June) during the opening plenary session, “Mission in Long Perspective,” at 11:00 AM, British Summer Time. Please also share in these developments by sharing your thoughts with us on Twitter or by commenting on our website’s Study Process pages. Finally, there is a Facebook page dedicated to the conference, linked to events and discussions: the group’s name is “Edinburgh 2010 – Witnessing to Christ Today.”

Twitter feed from the whole E2010 Conference

3) Organise local celebrations

On Sunday 6 June, our delegates will be joined by up to 900 additional guests for a celebration and overture to 21st century mission. The event will be streamed live on our homepage, We invite you to participate in the many other upcoming events taking place around the world – an event listing can be found here. Or join us in spirit at your local church services on Sunday the 6th. Don’t forget to share your unique perspectives, liturgies, and prayers with us!

4) Use our resources

On the Edinburgh 2010 website, many books, articles, reviews, poems, videos, and photos are available for viewing or download. Additional videos can be found on our youtube channel, and additional photos on our photo repository (click through to “Themes”). Please feel free to use what we offer in your own celebrations and discussions, and share it with your own networks!

5) Stay tuned

More is coming from the Edinburgh 2010 team throughout the conference – and beyond! We look forward to an open-ended conversation that combines tradition, creativity, and maturity in faith, and we look forward to your participation.


Up to date Media Information

Information for any press or media following the conference can be found on the Media Information Page.


E2010 Speeches Online

Speeches from the conference can be found on the 2010 Documents page.