We invite you to set up your own event in the Edinburgh 2010 spirit, and to share your visions, dreams and action plans with the global community on the web.

What is

The 1910 Conference took place in a classical western City. 100 years later, we want our celebration to be truly global, truly local and as wide-ranging and inclusive as possible. Modern technology and the internet open many new ways for this to happen. This is an invitation for you to gather ecumenically in your locality, to thank God for a century of mission, and to wrestle with the challenges of all that lies ahead. Just as an initiative came from Edinburgh in 1910, so in 2010, your celebrations and reflections around the world can offer a message back to Edinburgh.

Here's how you can be part of it!

Join groups of Christians all around the world in holding your local celebration of mission. It can be on 6 June to link with others around the world, or at any time of the year to suit your programme. You may want it to be

  • an ecumenical act of worship
  • a youth night
  • a drama presentation
  • an outreach event
  • a home group celebration

What do I need to do next?

If you want to set up your own event in the Edinburgh 2010 spirit, follow these simple steps: