Delegate Information

The Edinburgh 2010 team is looking forward to welcoming 300 mission leaders from across the world. The centenary conference and celebrations is taking place from 2-6 June 2010 in Edinburgh, UK.

On Sunday afternoon delegates will be joined by local and international guests for a closing ceremony in the General Assembly Hall of the Church of Scotland, the historic venue of 1910 World Missionary Conference.


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Conference Venue

The Edinburgh 2010 conference (2-5 June) is taking place at the John McIntyre Conference Centre and South Hall Complex at Pollock Halls. Pollock Halls is located at the foot of Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh. For information on the Sunday Celebrations on June 6 click here.

John McIntyre Conference Centre
Pollock Halls
The University of Edinburgh
18 Holyrood Park Road
Edinburgh EH16 5AY - UK
+44 (0)131 651 2007

Map: Edinburgh
Map: Pollock Halls
Map: SHC


General Information

General information on arrival, registration, campus facilities, translation etc. can be downloaded here. This has been circulated to all delegates.


Conference Programme

Click here for the latest version of the Edinburgh 2010 conference programme.

Background information on the programme can be downloaded here.


Sunday Celebrations

Local and international visitors are welcome to join the Sunday Celebrations on 6 June 2010 at the General Assembly Hall of the Church in Scotland in Edinburgh. For more information follow this link.


Virtual Participation

By means of Facebook, Twitter and other technologies Christians all over the world can be part of the conference without having to travel to Scotland. For more information on virtual participation click here.


Delegate Selection

300 mission leaders from across the world are coming to Edinburgh in June 2010 to witness to Christ today.

About 100 delegates have been appointed by the Edinburgh 2010 Study Process Monitoring Group. These delegates are in some way already involved in the ongoing study process through leadership of groups working on the main study themes, the transversal topics, and/or regional and confessional Edinburgh 2010 events.

Up to a further 200 delegates have been chosen by the stakeholders of Edinburgh 2010. The stakeholders made their decisions independently, but were asked to appoint as delegates those whom they think will be well placed to take back into the life of their own Church their experience of the conference.

Both the Study Process Monitoring Group and the stakeholders of Edinburgh 2010 committed themeselves to appoint as delegates 60% from the global south, 50% women, and 20% under the age of 30. By promoting this policy the General Council has endavoured that the world church is represented properly.

Please note attendance of the Edinburgh 2010 conference will be by invitation only, through churches, church organisations and institutions. There is no application procedure. However, we invite you to register for the Sunday Celebrations in Edinburgh (see below).