Global Discussion

What are your thoughts about God's mission in the 21st century? Do you want to share your ideas and reflections with other people around the world? Would you like to explore your friend's, your neighbour's, or even a complete stranger's understanding of mission?

Photo of discussion

In the months ahead of us we have the opportunity to talk and listen to each other. Edinburgh 2010 is a global platform where Christians of all traditions are invited to share and discuss mission related topics.

The Edinburgh 2010 Study Process not only provides a lot of background information. It has identified 9 key themes and 7 transversal themes. These topics serve as a starting point for our global discussion. We can stick to them or come up with new ideas.

Most importantly, we invite you to get involved in Edinburgh 2010, build your understanding of mission today and spread the word!


Get involved in the Edinburgh 2010 Global Discussion about Mission!

  •  Facebook Online Consultation 2009

    Edinburgh 2010 Youth invites you to take part in the Edinburgh 2010 Online Consultation. The Consultation consists of 3 topics for discussion through which each of the 9 study themes will be addressed. Facebook serves as the platform for the Consultation. It takes place from September to November 2009. For more information download our flyer.
  • Facebook Group Discussion Board

    Our Facebook Group Discussion Board is open to everyone and every question, whether it is a theological issue or a practical problem.
  • Twitter Chats

    If you prefer chit-chat rather than a more detailed discussion, you might want to respond to one of our regular tweets. Our Twitter page keeps you up-to-date on all important Edinburgh 2010 news.