Hamburg Consultation of Theme 2 Christian Mission among Other Faiths, August 2009

Rev. Dr Lalsangkima Pachuau, Convener, and Rev. Dr John Azumah in debate at the core group meeting in Hamburg, August 2009

The core group on 'Christian mission among other faiths' met in Hamburg on 17-19 August 2009 to bring together their sections for the chapter for the Edinburgh 2010 pre-conference book. They dealt with the main issues in theologies of religion from 1910 to 2010. Against a broad background of contemporary scenarios (especially the implications of globalization) they reflected hermeneutically on perspectives such as the uniqueness of Christ, salvation, conversion, power encounter, relations to other living faith and a pneumatological view of theology of religion.

In addition the group has collected a broad selection of cases and position papers relevant for the discussion. The following position papers may be downloaded as MS Word or PDF files by kind permission of the authors. They are in draft form and do not necessarily represent the views of the sponsors of Edinburgh 2010.


  • Hans Ucko, 'Christian Mission among Other Faiths'. Download here.
  • Veli-Matti Karkkainnen, 'Theologies of Religions'. Download here.
  • H.L. Richard, 'Christian Mission among Hindus'. Download here.
  • Notto R. Thelle, 'Mission to Buddhists?'. Download here.
  • Ole Skjerbaek Madsen, 'The Church's Encounter with New Spiritualities'. Download here.
  • Matt Friedman, 'Back to the Future: Nineteenth Century Foundations of Messianic Judaism'. Download here.
  • K.P. Aleaz, 'Witnessing Christ in the Company of Hindus'. Download here.
  • David Greenlee, 'New Faith, Renewed Identity: How Some Muslims Are Becoming Followers of Jesus'. Download here.
  • Marcelo Vargas, 'A Neopentecostal Experience of Bolivian Aimara People'. Download here.
  • Pramod Aghamkar, 'Contextualizing Witness as Celebration with the Hindu Community'. Download here.
  • Kai Kjær-Hansen, 'The Scandal of Jewish Evangelism. From Edinburgh 1910 to Edinburgh 2010' Translated from Danish by Birger Petterson. Download here.
  • Salim J. Munayer, 'Musalaha Muslim-Christian Encounter'. Download here.
  • Moti Lal Pandit, ‘Dialogue-in-Difference’. Download here.
  • Harold A. Netland, ‘Christian Mission Among Other Faiths: The Evangelical Tradition’. Download here.
  • John Azumah, 'Christian Mission and Islam'. Download here.
  • 'Mission Among Other Faiths: An Orthodox Perspective', paper prepared by a group of Eastern and Oriental Orthodox, led by Petros Vassiliadis, Niki Papageorgiou, George Kondortha, and Nikos Dimitriadis. Download here.
  • Michael Jagessar, 'Christian Mission Among Other Faiths: A Bibliographical Overview'. Download here.
  • Gwen Byrde, 'Youth and Christian Mission among Other Faiths'. Download here.
  • Lai, Pan-chiu, 'Christian Missions among Chinese Buddhists: A Centennial Reflection'. Download here.
  • Antony Kalliath, ‘Mission Among the People of Other Faiths: Catholic Church’s Initiatives and Perspectives’. Download here.
  • Charles Amjad-Ali, ‘Christian Mission, Faith and Theology in the Context of Islam’. Download here.
  • Julie Ma, 'Challenges, contributions and commitment of Pentecostals in their missionary work among other faiths'. Download here.
  • Alister E. McGrath, 'Evangelism and apologetics'. Download here.
  • Kai Kjær-Hansen, 'The Scandal of Jewish Evangelism: From Edinburgh 1910 to Edinburgh 2010'. Translated from Danish by Briger Petterson. Download here.
  • Ganoune Diop, 'Mission to World Religions and Contemporary Worldviews: An Adventist Perspective'. Download here.

The final papers will be published as a volume on Christian Mission Among Other Faiths, edited by Lalsangkima Pachuau & Knud Jørgensen, in the Regnum Edinburgh 2010 Series.