EMS Focus Programme 2009-2012

EMS is an international fellowship of 28 churches and mission societies in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East committed to worldwide mission and cooperation of churches. In June 2009 in Accra it launched its Focus Programme 2009-2012 with the theme, 'Giving account of our hope - Christian witness in a pluralistic world'. EMS hopes this will contribute to the Edinburgh 2010 study process, especially to study theme 2.

The international activities which make up the programme include 'reading the Bible through the eyes of another', a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, 'theological training in the presence of the other' and networking migrants' centres within the EMS fellowship.

Download details of the programme (MS Word file; English) here.

Download a flyer (pdf file; German) here.

Further details of the programme are available on the EMS website.