Main study themes

In 2005-2006 the International Council identified the following nine main study themes. At a meeting in May 2008, conveners for each of the main study themes were nominated from those who had expressed interest in the process. Since then, research has been done by a core group for each theme. These groups prepared a report by September 2009 which was included in the preparatory material for the conference. They also prepared parallel sessions on the theme for the conference and a short conference report.

The titles for each of the main study themes identified for Edinburgh 2010 are listed below. Click on each link to take you to information about the topic, papers presented, and group reports. Post your comments under each theme. 

A special study group has been working since 2008 on each theme. The study groups are globally diverse; each includes people of many different Christian traditions and representing a variety of institutions and organisations. The groups were tasked with identifying some key questions, highlighting developments since 1910, giving case studies, identifying key priorities for Christian mission, and making strategic recommendations. They each worked to integrate reflections on each theme from around the world for the preparatory volume which provided the raw material for discussion at the Edinburgh 2010 conference.

The groups worked with the chairpersons of the parallel sessions to plan the study process at the conference. This encouraged critical interaction with transversal perspectives and with representatives of various other study processes. The group conveners are producing a record of this for the conference report volume.

Each study group is also disseminating its work through other means appropriate to its process and finding creative ways of communicating to the grassroots. Some are publishing volumes in the Regnum Edinburgh 2010 Series. Their work is recorded on this site.

Download the guidelines for the work of the study groups (MS Word file) here.