1. Foundations for Mission


Canon Janice Price, Church of England
Rev. Dr. Deenabandhu Manchala, World Council of Churches, Switzerland

Aims and objectives

Under this theme, the meaning of salvation was considered in its biblical witness and in relation to freedom from every form of slavery in every context and culture. The study group examined the interfaces between the Trinity, mission, salvation, ecclesiology and scripture.

The task of this study group was to explore how a Trinitarian understanding of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit relates to the theory and practice of mission; how the confession that God has a missionary identity impacts Christian witness; how a discernment of the Trinitarian God´s inner relationships and love impacts ecclesiology, community life and society.

Key issues and questions

1.  The relation of the Trinitarian nature of God to our understanding of Christian mission.
2.  The relation of Christology to mission theology and practice.
3.  The relation of the work of the Holy Spirit to mission theology and practice.
4.  How does our understanding of the mission of the Triune God affect our ecclesiology and church practice?
5.  What do we mean by salvation, present and future? What is its link to conversion, baptism and participation in the sacramental life of the church?
6.  How does our understanding of salvation affect the way we do mission?
7.  How does mission engagement affect our biblical hermeneutics and vice-versa?

Study group reports and publications

A book on foundations for mission arising from this study theme is being prepared for publication in the Regnum Edinburgh 2010 Series by Emma Wild-Wood and Peniel Rajkumar.

Group activities and related studies

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