Canadian churches trialogue: Mission and power

The Canadian Churches Forum for Global Ministries annually hosts an 'International Visitor' providing Majority World voices to the Canadian Church. In 2009 there were three 'visitors' representing voices from the Global South, Canadian First Nations, and Canada. At the 2009 Canadian Theological Students Conference these three entered into a series of ‘trialogues’.

The visitors were the Rev. Dr. Elizabeth S. Tapia, a Filipina Theologian, Bishop Mark L. MacDonald, the Anglican Church of Canada’s first National Indigenous Bishop, and Rev. Dr. Russell Daye, a Canadian theologian and United Church of Canada Minister, who has also served as UCC International Personnel in Fiji. Over the course of the conference, in February of 2009, each of the three keynotes was a combination of a short lecture by one of the International Visitors, conversation between all three, and dialogue with the audience. The conference took the Edinburgh 2010 Theme 4 Mission and Power as its theme.

A transcript of the 'trialogue' (pdf file) is available for download here.

The picture shows the three 'visitors'.