'Sinking Foundations' conference, All Nations Christian College, UK, July 2009

All Nations Christian College, UK
All Nations Christian College, UK

The ‘Sinking Foundations’ conference was held at the beginning of July 2009 at All Nations College, Ware, Herts, UK. It was jointly sponsored by three partners: the Global Mission Network of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, Global Connections (formerly the UK Evangelical Missionary Alliance), and the British and Irish Association for Mission Studies. The conference was part of a research project contributing to Edinburgh 2010 study theme 1 on 'Foundations for Mission'. It provided a fruitful context for reflecting on the current profile of Christian mission.

Read a preliminary report of the conference here.

The findings of the CTBI/BIAMS/GC Foundations for Mission project is now published by CTBI. Details and downloads are available here.