Work of Edinburgh 2010 study group 7

Theme 7 has its focus on the key themes: poverty, suffering and marginalized communities - the challenge that it presents to the Church; HIV/AIDS, the church and mission; Christianity and socio-political action; identity, gender and power; globalization and the reproduction of hierarchies; the interface of migration, diaspora and ethnicity; reverse mission dynamics.

The Study Group comprises 15-20 core members drawn from all continents and diverse Christian traditions. In investigating the above-mentioned themes the conveners have sought to incorporate the views of academics, researchers, church leaders, religious NGOs, as well as policy makers. They are convinced that such a multidimensional perspective is necessary for critical thinking about how mission is articulated and practised in contemporary contexts, and also to seek new directions for engagement in Christian Mission in the 21st century.   

The group held two consultations:

A one-day Workshop was held on December 5, 2008 with 20 participants drawn mainly from the leadership of churches of immigrant/diaspora communities in Scotland. Papers/discussions at this seminar focused on challenges in urban mission, understanding the impact of power dynamics; and gender and youth.

The second, much larger consultation was a two-day international conference held on June 12-13, 2009. The over 35 participants were drawn from Africa, North America, Asia and Europe; with a paper presented in absentia on behalf of a contributor from Australia. The conference had its focus on the themes of church and reconciliation; gender and identity; church and poverty; media, representation and Pentecostalism; conducting mission in Edinburgh; church and society; and mission in diaspora.

The following papers submitted to the consultation in June 2009 are available for download here with the permission of their authors.