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Papers presented at the Seoul Consultation, 22-24 March 2009


The following papers were presented at the consultation on 'Mission spirituality and authentic discipleship', which took place at Youngnak Presbyterian Church, Seoul, South Korea on 22-24 March 2009. These papers are made available for download here as pdf files with the kind permission of their authors. They are listed in order of presentation. The papers do not necessarily represent the views of the sponsors of Edinburgh 2010.

  • Valentin Kozhuharov, 'Mission in an Orthodox context: the Russian Orthodox Church's mission for the new century', download here
  • Clemens Mendoca, ''Mission according to the Catholic Church in Asia: a new way of being church', download here
  • Nicta Makiika, 'Doing mission at the margins of society: harnessing the resources of local vision', download here
  • Serah Wambua, 'Mission spirituality and authentic discipleship: an African reflection', download here
  • David Emmanuel Singh, 'Sadhu Sundar Singh and Narayana Vamana Tilak: some lessons for mission thinking/practice in India', download here
  • Kim-Kown Chan, 'Mission movement of the Christian community in Mainland China: the "Back to Jerusalem" movement', download here
  • Tereso C. Casino, 'Mission in the context of Filipino folk spirituality: Bahala Na as a case in point', download here
  • Chul-shin Lee, 'Spirituality and Christian mission: a journey of Youngnak Presbyterian Church, Seoul, Korea', download here
  • Scott C. Todd, 'Spiritual formation and discipleship in childhood', download here
  • Chul-shin Lee (2), 'Dr Kyung-Chik Han's early life and ministry: a model for Korean church leadership', download here