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Closing celebration at the Assembly Hall

Urban Rural Mission (URM) Canada

Urban Rural Mission Canada is a grassroots network of community activists across Canada.  “Story and Mission” shows how the art of story-telling has been used for inspiration, support, and connection with God’s mission where people and communities are in struggle..

Watch the video below to find out more.

Dana Robert - On Edinburgh 2010

Dr. Robert's will be the opening keynote Speaker at E2010. Get her reflections on the Earth (Video 1) and on Money (Video 2).

To access more of Dr. Robert's videos please visit our youtube channel.

Kirsteen Kim - A View of Edinburgh 1910 Today

An interview with Dr. Kirsteen Kim, Research Coordinator for Edinburgh 2010, on behalf of Global Connections.



African Christianity

Piece from a documentary film project on African Christianity produced and directed by James Ault, edited by Kate Purdie (and Jean Boucicaut), and shot in Ghana with Tom Hurwitz (DP) and in Ghana with David Lyman (DP). With major funding from the Pew Charitable Trusts and the John Templeton Foundation. Sponsored by Hartford Seminary. © 2009 James Ault Productions. More videos of the same production are available at An accompanying article can be downloaded here.



Mission Today - A WARC/LWF project

In November 2009 pastors and lay leaders from three continents met in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to share stories of how they interpret mission in their context today. The meeting was part of a two-year study on 'Mission Today' developed jointly by the World Alliance of Reformed Churches (WARC) and the Lutheran World Federation (LWF). Results of the study are to be presented at the Edinburgh conference in June 2010.



New College Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh School of Divinity is one of the largest single site centres for the study of theology and religious studies in the UK, and one of the host of the Edinburgh 2010 conference.