Over the past few years a number of groups have been working on how to assess the impact of 1910 - and to consider the challenges facing the worldwide Christian mission today. Impressions of some of these meetings can be found in our photo gallery.

Christians all over the world are commemorating the centenary of the 1910 World Missionary Conference. If you want to share photos of your event with the Edinburgh 2010 community, please contact our Communications Officer.


Photos of the Conference

A repository of photos from the June 2010 conference is available online. A password for downloading high resolution versions will be provided upon request.

Pune, INDIA: Edinburgh 2010 Revisited (January 2010)



Bangalore, INDIA: Pre-centenary conference (July 2009)



Edinburgh, SCOTLAND: Preparatory Meeting (June 2009)



Nairobi, KENYA: Christian Communities in Contemporary Contexts (May 2009)



Edinburgh, SCOTLAND: Preparatory Meeting (September 2007)