Pentecostal Perspectives

Participants at the EPCRA conference, Oxford, UK, 12-15 August 2009

EPCRA Conference

The European Pentecostal Charismatic Research Association met at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, UK, on 12-15 August 2009. The Director of OCMS, Dr. Wonsuk Ma is also Chair of the Asian Pentecostal Association. Scholars of Pentecostalism addressed three of the nine study themes of Edinburgh 2010:

  • Theme 2: Christian Mission among Other Faiths
  • Theme 4: Mission and Power
  • Theme 8: Mission and Unity 

Papers from the conference are available for download here by kind permission of the authors and Dr Jean-Daniel Pluess of EPCRA.

  • Conference programme
  • Allan Anderson, 'Early Pentecostal Missionaries and Other Faiths'
  • Cornelis van der Laan, 'The Mutual Influence of Indonesian and Dutch Pentecostal Churches'
  • DeLonn Rance, 'The Church in Latin America: Coming Together in Mission'
  • Anthea Butler, 'From Power Signs to Dollar Signs: Prosperity and Power among Pentecostals in the 21st Century'
  • Jacques Matthey, ' "I am gentle and humble in heart' (Mt 11:29): Mission and Power'
  • Matthias Wenk, 'Overoming Schism as a Demonstration of God's Reconciling Power: NT Thoughts'
  • Cecil M. Robeck Jr., 'Mission and Unity: A Contradiction?'
  • Peter Hocken, 'Two Movements of the Holy Spirit of the 20th Century: Can They Come Together after 100 Years?'
  • Keith Warrington, 'Cracked or Broken? Pentecostal Unity'
  • Ursula Harfst, 'Between Power and Powerlessness: A Personal Journey with Migrant Christians'