Pentecostal delegates rejoice at participation in Edinburgh 2010



"we are deeply aware that Christians need the help of the Holy Spirit"
Choir leader at the closing celebration
Photo: Gary Doak/E2010

In a statement published at the Edinburgh 2010 conference, the 21 Pentecostal delegates acknowledged the historical significance of Edinburgh 1910, and rejoiced over the participation of Pentecostals in the centenary celebrations, which took place from 2-6 June in the Scottish capital. The Pentecostal delegation further stressed:

"We appreciate that Pentecostals are recognized in a positive way. At the same time we leave with the challenge to find fuller expressions of global Pentecostalism in an ecumenical context. We also noticed a disparity of the language used and concerns expressed between the Global North and Global South. We must be careful that the academic voices of the North do not wash away the narrative claims of the South. As Pentecostals we are acquainted with both linguistic traditions, we realize that we can play an important role as bridge builders."

In contrast to 1910, Pentecostals were represented on all levels of the governance of Edinburgh 2010 and participated in the study process leading up to the centenary celebrations.

Full text of the statement and other conference documents

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